#TaxReform Warning! Ain’t too optimistic! #TaxReform does not mean #TaxCut for you!

#TaxReform does not mean #TaxCut for you!

So far TaxReform is going to top politic topic of summer of 2017.4month ago President Trump addressed about Tax Reform. But apparently It was empty(as same as about healthcare). Tax Reform has been his one of the biggest agenda. He appealed that on all over 4years’ his campain. Off course any kind od tax cut is one of the most popular topic in all countries. Even though if a government puts it in execution, the leaders must care about increasing debt. Right after his inauguration, President Trump appealed decrease of Monthly Fedederal Government deficit a couple of times. Right after that he proposed budget blue print. It was also just one pieace of paper and even made Congress GOP leaders sigh as early as beginning of 45th President’s tenure.

Lost of Repeal and Replace,Mexico pay for the wall

President Trump is famous for his business of resorts and casinos. But it’s clear he is very weak at math and numbers. If he was good at them, he would not have got 6 time bunkrupcy. Trump’s unreliable count was based on easy “repeal and replace Obamacare” and “Mexico pay for the wall”. In any coutry, Social Security and Health Care have big weight. Beacause they worth.